Samsill Economy 2-Pocket View Binder - 1 Round Ring, Fashion Colors (asst.) - 050362183996
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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso
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Samsill Economy 2-Pocket View Binder - 1" Round Ring, Fashion Colors (asst.)

Value binder features a clear overlay on the front, back and spine to give you full control and flexibility over customization of presentations, organizational projects, office reports, class projects and more. Polypropylene is also nonstick to prevent the transfer of ink or lifting copy when materials are inserted in the cover or placed inside. It also makes it easy to reuse and update the covers and spines as often as you'd like. Spine-mounted, 1" round rings with double boosters can hold up to 200 sheets of letter-size paper with ease. It also includes two clear inside horizontal pockets for additional storage and organization of loose documents and unpunched papers. Each pocket provides enough space to hold notes, photos, business cards or full-size pages. 3 Unique Colors: Dragonfruit, Blueberry, and Blue Coconut. 

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