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2024 Marketing Planner PRINTED VERSION

2024 Marketing Planner, Spiral Bound, 44 pages.  8.5"x11". Printed on 60# cardstock and spiral bound with a clear front cover and black vinyl back cover.

Use this to plan your marketing efforts for 2023. This planner contains a 2-page spread for each month to track social media and email subscriber growth, themes, ideas, and plans.

This useful planner also includes pages for:

  • Quarterly Goals/Plans/Themes;
  • Monthly Goals/Plans/Themes;
  • 2024 Holidays/Observances;
  • Social Media Post Ideas;
  • Recurring posts;
  • Email Headline Ideas;
  • Video Ideas; 
  • Other Brilliant Ideas;
  • and BACK AGAIN . . . an article and a worksheet to create your Ideal Customer Avatar!

This planner was designed by the owner of Scrapper's Edge, Sondra Kirtley after not being able to find anything like this on the market. Here's what she has to say about it:

"Over the years, I have spent a lot of time and money looking for a useful Marketing Planner. Many of them are designed for very specific businesses, such as full-time writers/bloggers. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find one that works for a typical small business.  

So, what’s a resourceful business owner supposed to do? Create her own, of course! And, as I worked on designing this Planner, I figured that if it works well for me there must be other small businesses that would benefit by using the Planner as well.

I hope you find this FIFTH EDITION helpful. One thing that was added in 2023 and very well received so we're including it again this year is a worksheet to create your Ideal Customer Avatar. After creating your Ideal Customer Avatar, it makes your marketing efforts more focused and effective."


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