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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso
728 4th Street - Eureka, CA

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About Us

Our business is as unique and diverse as our owner, Sondra Kirtley.
Sondra, who has extensive retail and printing experience, was looking for a change in 2004. She determined that she wanted to open a paper craft store that offered services the typical store didn’t, such as color copies, computer rental stations, and UPS shipping. When searching for a location to open such a business, she discovered that “The Copy Stop & More” was for sale. She immediately recognized its potential and, in June 2004, purchased it, changed it’s name to “Scrapper’s Edge” and added paper craft supplies.

Not long after opening, Scrapper’s Edge was known as the premier scrapbooking retailer in Northern California -- providing the newest, most innovative products at discount prices. In addition, Sondra and her staff added a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism that gained respect and appreciation with printing customers.

Not surprisingly, Scrapper’s Edge quickly ran out of space. So, in June 2006 Scrapper’s Edge moved to a much larger location -- now offering 6500 square feet of "paper bliss!"


Our Team:

In addition to Sondra, we have a great team of enthusiastic, helpful & knowledgeable people: Andy, Jan, Jen, Kelsey, Michael, and Saundra.

We also have talented and dedicated independent instructors: Dave, Diane, Kelly & Natalie.

Call us at 707-445-9686.

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    • Mon - Fri: 9:00am-5:30pm
    • Closed most major holidays.